When Alabama residents are in a serious car accident, it can be a life-altering event. Most people are only ever involved in so-called “fender benders,” so a serious car accident that can cause severe injuries isn’t something they typically plan for, even though most people have car and health insurance. The immediate aftermath of a serious car accident can be a scary time. So, what should Alabama residents do after they are involved in a car accident?

Well, for starters, it is important for all parties involved in the car accident to remain on the scene. If there is one thing that can make a serious car accident infinitely worse, it is to turn the event into a hit-and-run. Next, as much as possible, all drivers and passengers involved in the car accident should be checked for injuries and, if there are injuries involved, the extent of those injuries may need to be determined. In serious car accidents, the best thing to do is usually to call 911 and wait for emergency responders.

From there, any medical treatment that is needed can be rendered to injured parties. But, as the injuries are treated, injured parties are transported for medical care and the wreck damage is cleaned up, Alabama residents may need to start thinking about the potential next steps, like the possibility of pursuing a civil personal injury lawsuit if they didn’t cause the accident in the first place.

In a civil personal injury lawsuit that occurs in the aftermath of a car accident, evidence will be crucial. Injured parties or their representatives may need to get information from witnesses to the accident, as well as taking photographs of the accident scene and any injuries that the victims suffered in the wreck. These can be powerful items of evidence in any personal injury lawsuit.