When motorists in Alabama get behind the wheel, they do not often think about all of the dangers and risks associated with operating a motor vehicle. Nonetheless, car accidents occur whether the roadways are filled with vehicles or not. All it takes is a simple negligent or reckless act to cause a collision. Although some accident as simply that, accident, many are a result of distracted driving, speeding, intoxication or other negligent acts.

Even when drivers are aware of these risky behaviors and the serious and fatal results they could have, a current study found that many motorists still do these risky activities despite this knowledge. This study found that the rate in which drivers engage in unsafe or improper behaviors is too high in the Unites States.

Although the dangers of certain activities behind the wheel, such as texting, are known, some do them anyway. Researchers believe that in order to change this, the serious consequences associated with engaging in these activities need to be clear and apparent. However, as the data indicates, motorists that have been in at least one accident in the past two years are significantly more likely to text and drive or speed even in matters where they think law enforcement will catch them.

There is a clear gap between the attitude of driver and the reported behaviors of the driver. Based on the results of the study, researchers found that drivers will often observe distracted, aggressive and impaired driving as dangerous activities behind the wheel. Nonetheless, many of these motorists admit to engaging in at least one of these behaviors in the last month. It was found that these behaviors were higher for those involved in a recent accident. For instance, 50% admitted to using their phone while driving compared to 42% for those that were not involved in a crash.

Accidents resulting from dangerous behaviors did not have a big impact when it comes to altering behaviors. Thus, a driver that has caused a crash due to a risky activity is likely to continue to engage in that activity and potentially cause future accidents. This could result in significant harm to those involved.

The aftermath of a car accident can be gruesome. Victims are often left with serious injuries, emotional harms and financial damages. Therefore, it is imperative that victims understand their rights. Filing a personal injury action is a possible option. This civil suit not only helps establish cause and place liability on a negligent party, but it also helps calculate the losses suffered by the victim, resulting in a compensation award.