A mental or physical disability can be a major barrier for a person’s opportunities to find a job. For some men and women who suffer from disabilities, working is not an option because they do not have the capacity to sustain the required effort to perform their work tasks. In Alabama and states throughout the nation, many individuals seek to secure disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

In order to seek disability benefits, a person must meet the definition of disabled as established by the Social Security Administration and must successfully complete the disability benefits claims’ process. This process is lengthy and comprehensive, and if a person’s claim is denied on first review, the appeals process can take even longer. A disabled person may wait years to receive their first disability benefits.

Options while awaiting claim approval

For some disabled people, a lengthy wait may not be an option as they may not survive long enough to win approval for benefits. To address this problem, the Social Security Administration has established the Compassionate Allowance program. Certain diseases and disorders are identified as disabling and when claimed give applicants a shortened wait to for approval of their claims.

A full list of disabilities that qualify as compassionate allowance disorders can be sought from the Social Security Administration, but some of them include:

  • Specific and rare childhood diseases
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Some brain diseases and disorders

Whether a person chooses to claim a Compassionate Allowance disorder or apply for disability benefits based on a different disease or disorder, they can benefit from seeking legal help. Attorneys who work in the disability benefits field of law can help their clients prepare comprehensive applications for their claims. Though no outcome can be guaranteed under the law, legal help can prepare individuals for the requirements of the disability benefits claims’ process.