The frequency of accidents involving big trucks is alarming due to these accidents often being serious, causing severe injuries, death and property destruction. 

WorkTruck explains that there are more trucks on the road, which naturally can lead to more accidents. However, there are also issues with driver attentiveness that are at play. 

More trucks

The demand for trucks to carry loads all over the country is at an all-time high. Large trucks help move all types of goods. Without them, store shelves would be bare. Due to the increase in demand, there is a need for more trucks, increasing the number on the roads. 

From a mathematical standpoint, when you increase the number of trucks on the road, it naturally leads to more truck accidents. However, it also leads to other issues, such as overcrowded roadways and traffic jams, that compound and makes crashes more likely. 

Driver attentiveness

Since there is a higher demand, it increases the pressure on drivers to make deliveries fast and travel more miles. This may lead to drowsy driving and fatigue issues. 

It can make drivers take more risks, as well. They may be more likely to speed or to do things they would not ordinarily do to make deliveries on time and try to fit in more deliveries in one day. 

When drivers feel rushed or are under increased demands, they may also be more likely to forego important safety measures. They may not make checks of tires, connections and other things, which can lead to issues when on the road that could cause an accident.