Distracted driving can take on many forms including visual, emotional and physical. People who drive distracted create unnecessary risks for themselves and those around them, which makes it all the more important to remain alert for distracted drivers on the road.

In addition to trying to use a phone while driving, which is illegal in many states, people who try to manage children or pets while driving can lose focus on the road ahead. Minimizing backseat distractions can save lives.

Prioritizing safety

People should never allow their pets to wander their vehicles while they are driving. Movement can create visual distraction or obstruction and prevent drivers from noticing other cars on the road until it is too late. Travelers Insurance recommends that people secure pets in a designated area of their vehicle while it is in motion.

Likewise, if people have children, they should install car seats appropriate for their child’s age and weight. Before starting to drive, people should make sure they have met their children’s needs. If they anticipate driving for a longer period, they should provide their children with a snack, some water and quiet activities. Parents should explain to their children that they cannot help them while they are driving, but will stop periodically to address any immediate needs.

Setting an example

If people teach their children the importance of using a quiet voice in the car, not throwing toys and staying calm, these behaviors will turn into habits. The consistent enforcement of their expectations will establish the importance of respecting the driver to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening because of distractions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in the year 2018 alone, distracted driving caused 2,841 fatalities. If people have fallen victim to another driver’s distraction the outcome can create lifelong difficulties. People who teach their children the importance of safe driving can help to raise a new generation of drivers that understand the impact of their decisions on others.